10 top tips to make Veganuary easier

Having been veggie for 14 years, I took the plunge a year and a half ago, despite claiming multiple times “I could never go vegan”, something I’d imagine the majority of vegans have said at one point in their life. It is without doubt THE best lifestyle choice I have ever made, and I now could never imagine going back to dairy, fish or meat. Plus it has NEVER been easier to be a vegan.

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Book Review: Queens of Pain - Legends and Rebels of Women's Cycling

Isabel Best’s book sets the record straight. What follows a punchy and engaging introduction, are stories of glories, victories, rivalries and extraordinary feats of human endeavour, stories of trailblazers, rebels, record-breakers, and legends of our sport, lost to the fragile ego of the patriarchy and officialdom. Forgotten, ignored, erased from history. But not anymore.

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Finding happiness watts on Zwift Academy

Turns out there was no need for me to be such a negative Nelly. I had the most glorious social spin and a really solid recovery ride with like-minded, strong, passionate, determined women from all over the globe, coming together for one simple cause – the simple love of riding a bike.

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Laura Winter